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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all Cranford Historical Society programs and Crane-Phillips House Museum Tours are cancelled until further notice.

Happy 149th Anniversary
To the Township of Cranford
Incorporated March 14, 1871

Those who live in Cranford know how unique this fantastic town is.  Aside from being a family oriented and friendly town, our forefathers came from England to start their home life. In the 1690’s, the Denman family were the first to acquire parcels of land on the south side of town and in 1720, they established their homestead.

In 1716, John Crane’s family came and made their homestead on the north side of town, each family cultivating the soil as farmers. The Crane family also built a grist mill and saw mill along the Rahway River. Their homestead was where Gray’s Funeral Home is today. Still standing there is the oak tree near their parking lot. Josiah Crane Sr. born in 1791 in his elder years was known as the Father of Cranford owning all the north side of town. As developers came in he sold parts of his land. At this time, Cranford was called Cranes Mill and then later called Cranesville. As the town built up and more people settled in Cranesville, the town was incorporated in 1871 and renamed Cranford. Josiah Crane Sr. died in 1873.

If you would like to know more about the history of Cranford, visit our Facebook page and Website (cranfordhistoricalsociety.org) or come into our office at the Hanson House, 38 Springfield Avenue, Monday thru Thursday from 9:30am to 12:30pm and visit our archives room. Due to the Coronavirus, however, our Hanson House office and the Crane-Phillips House Museum will be closed until further notice.

We are a strong community and urge the community to keep the faith, don’t panic, take the precautions and stay well. Soon this virus will be a thing of the past and we will emerge from this even more so as a stronger community while history is being made.

The Cranford Historical Society’s mission has been and still continues today to preserve and perpetuate the history of Cranford, whether it be homes, businesses, the people and etc. since 1927. So when our 150th anniversary in 2021 arrives, let’s celebrate making history once again.

If you would like to become a member of the Cranford Historical Society our membership form can be located on our website, at the Hanson House office and the Cranford library.

By: Margaret Gerlach, President, Cranford Historical Society