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Explore: Cranfordites You Should Know

Avery Sr., James S. – A Lifetime of Service

Batchelder, Wesley – Present at Lincoln’s Assassination

Bates, Elizabeth – Suffragist to Civic Leader

Bates, Fannie E. – “The Mother of Cranford”

Bryant, Joshua – First African American Constable

Cahill, Sylvester – Cranford’s First Mayor

Collins, D.C. – Architect, Musician, Committeeman

Crump, Alice & Leslie – Cranford Artists

Sgt. Culin, Curtis G. – Major Contributor to D-Day

Delano, Hugh S. – Society Trustee & Hall of Famer

Dickinson, Joseph Hunter – Inventor & Craftsman

Dorian, Ira – Cranford Mayor & Distinguished Citizen

Droescher, Severin R. – Businessman & Developer

Drysdale, William – Noted Newspaperman & Author

Eastmond, James – Cranford Business Owner

Evans, Lemuel – Casino Steward

Foster, Nathaniel R. – One of Cranford’s first Fire Fighters

Hall, Homer – Cranford’s Own Josiah Crane

Hayashi, Frank – son of Japanese immigrants

Isenmann, John – Bridge Builder

Lakey, Alice – Food & Drug Crusader & Suffragist

Lockett, Samuel Henry – Cranford’s Rebel Colonel

MacConnell, Joseph Kerr – Cranford’s First Physician

Mendell, William Wallace – Judge

Pelusio, Dominick – Cranford Soldier

Poggi, C. Godfrey – Architect

Scholes, Walter – Businessman

Sperry, Thomas & William Miller – Developers

Thompson, J. Walter – Cranford Developer

Unnold, Francis L. – “A Family’s Letters”

Van Doren, Nathaniel G. – Customs Agent

Vanderver, Henry – Civil War Veteran

Voorhees, Stanley – Cranford Historical Society Founder

Westervelt, William P. – Had Key to Lincoln’s Life

Willsie, Honore – Author & Editor

Wolfe, Deborah Cannon Partridge – Educator

Wolfe, Deborah Cannon Partridge – Educator

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