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The Cranford Historical Society has announced that Margaret Gerlach was re-elected at its June board meeting for the sixth consecutive two-year term through 2023 making Gerlach the longest president to hold office since the incorporation of the Cranford Historical Society in 1927.
Under Gerlach’s leadership, she has accomplished a lot for the Cranford Historical Society through the years.
Gerlach joined Cranford Historical Society as a member in 1996 and has chaired and co-chaired many events for the Society.
As President, under her leadership, she oversees the Cranford Historical Society, the Hanson House, the Crane-Phillips House Museum, and the Hanson House and Crane-Phillips House Landscaping Committee.
In 2001, Gerlach was elected to the Cranford Historical Society Board of Trustees and in 2011 was elected President. Gerlach has said it is an honor to serve as President for this nonprofit educational organization that preserves and perpetuates the history of the township of Cranford, especially being President during the 150th Anniversary of this town.
Gerlach hopes that more people from the community will join the Cranford Historical Society as members, as we need their support. Gerlach is the author and illustrator of the children’s story book called “Sally the Rag Doll’s Adventure”, which was written on behalf of the Cranford Historical Society for the 150th Anniversary of the Township of Cranford. It can be found on our website. Gerlach, a lifelong resident of Cranford, is a realtor associate with Century 21 Supreme Realty in Cranford.
Anyone interested in becoming a member can obtain a membership form at our Cranford Historical Society office, 38 Springfield Avenue, Monday through Thursday 9:30am to 12:30pm and on our website www.cranfordhistoricalsociety.org.
Enclosed is a list past presidents since 1927.
J. Stanley Voorhees 1927-1938
Wesley A. Stanger 1938-1942
Andrew R. Warnock 1942-1945
Nathaniel R. Foster 1945-1952
William F. Hoffman 1952-1955
Roderick W. Smith 1955-1958
Ray A. Clement 1958-1960
John L. Lehman 1960-1962
Homer J. Hall 1962-1964
Ira D. Dorian 1964-1970
H. Harrison Huster 1970-1972
Patrick J. Grall 1972-1973
George F. Richards 1973-1975
Stephan Gmelin 1975-1978
Channing Rudd 1978-1980
Adelene H. Vogel 1980-1984
Carl R. Peterson 1984-1989
Barbara Walker 1989-1991
Lawrence Fuhro 1991-1995
Stephanie Williams 1995-1997
Patricia Pavlak 1997-2001
Christine M. Glazer 2001-2002
Lori L. Hoffner 2002-2005
Christine Glazer 2005-2007
John Dreyer 2007-2011
Margaret Gerlach 2011-