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Here are some of the stories of the Cranford 86:

Albury Jr., Charles

Anderson, Marcus P.

Ashnault, Raymond

Bargos, Juan

Burton, Friend

Cameron, Archibald B.

Castaldo, Patrick P.

D’Alessandris, Augustine V.

Fiske, Newell Rodney

Goodman, Howard E.

Hale, William Asa

Harker Jr., Charles A.

Hinkle, William E.

Jeffries, Keith

Johnson, Harold L.

Lee, William Henry

McGarry, Eugene G.

Minnock, Joseph P.

Norton Jr., Roger S.

Okell, Alan M.

Roberts, Jimmy

Secor, Gilbert A.

Sjursen, Paul W.

Truxtun, Thomas

Vassallo, Nicola

Watters, Charles J.

Whelan, Joseph Vincent

Goodman, Howard E.

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